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Join us in celebrating Malaysia from August 31 till Sept 16 by sharing videos and photos of you connecting with your tanah air. In the caption, share with us your hope from Malaysia. Don’t forget to use the the #seedingMyHope hashtag.

Our #seedingMYhope capsule is going around Malaysia all week collecting soil to represent unity in diversity.
Follow the journey here or read more about it here.

STOP RACISM💕🙆 #sehatisejiwa #satumalaysia #seedingMYhope

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#seedingmyhope What is your hope, Malaysian?

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No racism #seedingmyhope A photo posted by azam (@azam5091) on

September 12, 2015 | Kaki Seni International Arts Festival. #KakiSeniFest #SeedingMYHope A photo posted by おしん (@melatiraudah) on

A place I call my #tanahair, I hope for unity and harmony. 💕 #seedingMYhope   A photo posted by W W T . ⚓️ (@rachaelwong_) on

Got this on Merdeka Day… Curious to see what sprouts up.. #seedingmyhope   A photo posted by synical (@synicalrules) on

A better future for them. Happy 58th, Malaysia. #seedingMYhope A photo posted by Andrea Chan (@bydreaaa) on

Thank you Uncle Eddie for driving to every state in Peninsular Malaysia and collecting soils for #seedingMYhope #myteksi A photo posted by Zakiy R. Hisham (@zkyrhmhisham) on

#seedingMYhope happening at #pavillionkl go check it out. Let’s be one.#myteksi #aforadio A photo posted by Aforadio (@aforadio) on

: I hoped for a politically and economically stable Malaysia. Happy Malaysia Day in advance! #seedingMYhope A photo posted by chuchucism (@chuchucism) on

// 2.6 · harmony ·// ___ that’s what we all want right? #seedingmyhope ___ A photo posted by 彦楹 (@ameliachantalle_) on

#seedingmyhope for Malaysia. #kakisenifest   A photo posted by Divyaa Veerama (@veyaradarviem) on

Flashing old time of harmony. #SeedingMYHope   A photo posted by @ashtonkeen93 on

Live . Love . Peace #seedingmyhope A photo posted by @kahaiseow on


Sorry, I am colour blind. And I hope you are too (: #seedingMYhope #happymalaysiaday


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#kakisenifest #seedingmyhope

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Come on Malaysia, lets unite #seedingMYhope   A photo posted by Zakiy R. Hisham (@zkyrhmhisham) on

I’m so glad that I born in Malaysia and I’m proud to be Malaysian. So, happy birthday to Malaysia and I love my country! :) #seedingmyhope   A photo posted by Maggie Scarlett L.🌸 (@maggiescarlett0613) on

In a household where i have both influences, having a father from Johor and a mother from Sarawak, i get a taste of both Malaysia ( The Semenanjung and The Borneo side ), its great listening to each historical stories growing up. As they say, to understand more about your country, you have to understand the history of the nation itself. So i was blessed in that sense as you tend to understand and love each and every element that this nation has to offer. As the clock strikes 12 am, the date will tell us that it is the 31st of August, one of the most important date in this nation’s history, yes ladies and gentlemen, its Hari Merdeka and countdown to another important date begins, 16th September, Hari Malaysia, the formation of 3 nations working together striving to grow. As previously stated, i had the opportunity of being raised by both sides of Malaysia and as i keep learning about this country, the history never gets boring. Signing off, the Sarawakian within me would like to wish Semenanjung Malaysia and Sabah a wonderful Hari Merdeka and the Johorian within me just can’t wait to hear all the patriotic songs on this wonderful day and one more thing, Selamat Hari Malaysia in advance to all of us 😉 Here is a video i did for a project called #seedingMYhope Thank you for reading folks 🇲🇾 P/s i stated dates at the beginning of the video, but instagram cut it cause it was too long, here it is the Merdeka date of all: Semenanjung Malaysia: 31st August 1957 Sabah: 31st August 1963 Sarawak: 22nd July 1963 A video posted by Zakiy R. Hisham (@zkyrhmhisham) on