Home is where the heart is, home gives people a sense of belonging.

Malaysia is my only home.

Negara Hanya Satu: #seedingMYhope is a social project aiming to bring Malaysians together through a content-driven campaign by young Malaysians, for young Malaysians. This project extends on the 50X50 My Malaysia (www.MyMalaysia50.com) and LimaPuluhTujuh  (www.LimaPuluhTujuh.com) campaigns conceptualised by Niki Cheong, a writer and educator in collaboration with Kakiseni.

50X50 My Malaysia




In the past, Niki has brought together groups of content creators – writers, artists,photographers and more – to tell Malaysian stories. With #seedingMYhope, Niki is collaborating with eight young Malaysians to tell their stories and reach out to other. They are:

Hafiz Norizan


Sara-Jane Har


Brandon John


Nicole Pang


Belinda Soh


Suemitraa Thiagarajan


Dylan Tan Wen Rei


Zakiy Rahim


Starting from 31st August till 16th September 2015, #seedingMYhope expects to reach tens of thousands of Malaysians to participate in online (www.seedingMYhope.com) and on-the-ground activations, including mobilising a capsule that will collect soil from all 13 states in Malaysia to represent our connection to our homeland – our tanah air.

This will involve both the “alumni” – that is people who have engaged with this story-telling movement over the past two years – and new connections.

#seedingMYhope invites all Malaysians to share short videos or images on Instagram depicting their connection to our homeland, while captioning them with their hopes for Malaysia. Don’t forget to include the hastag.

There will be an on-ground activity from Sept 12. Stay tuned for details.