Belinda Soh Li Hui


Belinda Soh Li Hui, 21

Our ability to adapt to the many cultures living in Malaysia is what inspires Belinda, an avid traveller. When she was studying for her Diploma, she shared a dormitory with two Malay girls, and the three of them have remained close friends. Every Hari Raya, she looks forward to attending their open house and in turn, she makes sure to invite her friends over during Chinese New Year. This colourful melting pot touches Belinda’s heart and proves what amazing people Malaysians are.


MyTeksi has been asking Malaysians what Merdeka means to them. Belinda says:

“A free and beautiful country, where citizens have a healthy environment – that includes a perfect blend of cultures and races – to call home and grow old in.”


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Title of video Root

Concept As she travels around Finland, Brussels, Paris and London, Belinda will plant the Malaysian flag around Europe to signify that no matter where we are, our roots remain in Malaysia.