Dylan Tan Ren Wei


Dylan Tan Ren Wei, 21

Like many children starting school, Dylan’s first day was marked by tears brought on by the fact that everything was so new to him. He soon started making friends and remembers how he was surprised to find out that a classmate named Yosef was a Chinese-Indian. Up until then, Dylan only knew of the three main races of Malaysia and was not aware that there were people of mixed parentage. Malaysians are indeed a colourful lot and while we have our differences, Dylan believes that we also share many similarities – we just need to make an effort to find out what those are.


MyTeksi has been asking Malaysians what Merdeka means to them. Dylan says:

“Freedom from influence, freedom from negative thoughts, freedom from everything bad… Merdeka means being who we are without taking sides and staying together through good times and bad times.


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Title of video Growing Unity

Concept An animated take on the title of this campaign, depicting Dylan planting a seed with his hope for unity among Malaysians and taking care of it. The seed is a symbol of hope; it starts small and doubtful but if it’s nurtured with enough care and attention, it will grow and eventually, the hope becomes a reality.