Muhammad Al-Hafiz Bin Norizan


Muhammad Al-Hafiz Bin Norizan, 24

Throughout his primary education, Hafiz was surrounded by mostly Malay classmates, with a smattering of Indian students in his class. He got his first taste of a muhibbah Malaysia when his parents took him to Genting Highlands for his ninth birthday. At the hotel lobby, Hafiz found himself surrounded by Malaysians of all races, speaking in their respective mother tongues. Some of the sounds were foreign to him, yet they seemed so natural. On hindsight, he realised that deep within, we are all the same and the colour of our skins don’t separate us from being humans.


MyTeksi has been asking Malaysians what Merdeka means to them. Hafiz says:

“Merdeka is a powerful word as it means being free – freedom of expression, freedom to be ourselves and do what we love. It’s a priceless gift that should be celebrated with more than just placing a flag around the house or waving it around.”


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Title of video The Soil Art

Concept Come Merdeka month, it’s common to see Malaysians decorating their cars with the Jalur Gemilang. Children, on the other hand, find other ways to show their patriotism, such as drawing the Malaysian flag on sand or earth.