Nicole Pang Wye Yi


Nicole Pang Wye Yi, 22

Nothing warms the heart more than unexpected kindness from strangers, as Nicole found out when she stopped at a roadside nasi lemak stall to get some breakfast before class one day. It was only after the food had been packed that she realised she didn’t have enough cash on her. The pakcik not only did not get angry or annoyed, but actually packed more food and teh tarik for Nicole to make sure she won’t go hungry. His hospitality didn’t end there; when she returned to his stall the next day to pay him for the food, he refused to take the money, saying that he was glad that he could help.


MyTeksi has been asking Malaysians what Merdeka means to them. Nicole says:

“Our country achieved independence more than five decades ago, and I believe that if we are wholly united as Malaysians, we can become independent on a personal level as well. After all, without unity, there won’t be Merdeka.”


Title of video Connecting To My Roots

Concept Symbolic of protecting the rich past and culture of Melaka – a place that Nicole feels deeply connected to as she is of Peranakan descent – a time capsule filled with hopes for the historical city is buried on the beach in Klebang.