Suemitraa Thiagarajan


Suemitraa Thiagarajan, 25

On her first trip to Pulau Tioman two years ago, Suemitraa was pleasantly surprised to find that she felt very much at home – more so there than in many parts of KL, where it’s common to see businesses being operated by foreign workers. On the idyllic island, however, she was glad to note that the proprietors themselves still run the show. The overall laidback charm of Tioman further contributed to Suemitraa’s enjoyment and while there, she felt in harmony with everyone, regardless of skin colour.


MyTeksi has been asking Malaysians what Merdeka means to them. Suemitraa says:

“The freedom to choose happiness… for example, at 17, we are eligible to apply for a driver’s licence. That piece of laminated card is not just a legal permit to get behind the wheels, it also represents that we are able to make a choice. That’s the best way to learn what works for you – make a decision for yourself and learn from the experience, good or bad.”


Title of video Unification

Concept We often think that we stand alone in our beliefs, but if you were to speak to those around you – friends or even strangers, for that matter – you may be surprised by the support you receive. This strength in numbers is represented by lit candles, and starts with just one but as the primary source, it can lend its flame to many more.