Zakiy Rahim Bin Hisham


Zakiy Rahim Bin Hisham, 22

Every state in Malaysia has its distinctive offerings, way of life and cultural nuances. But no matter the differences, Zakiy believes that it does not affect our unity as we all identify with being Malaysians. He would know, having been born in Kuching and raised in Petaling Jaya. His father hails from Johor Bahru while his mother is a Sarawakian. This harmony is what makes us unique, and one among many reasons that makes Zakiy feel blessed to be born a Malaysian.


MyTeksi has been asking Malaysians what Merdeka means to them. Zakiy says:

“It symbolises our pride, knowing that we are capable of growing on our own. In school, every Merdeka, we would line up in the auditorium and sing patriotic songs. It always sent a tingling down my spine and till today, I feel that heart-warming sensation if someone as much as mentions the word Merdeka.”


Title of video Synergy Of Three Territories

Concept A retelling of how Malaysia was formed, with three separate entities – Semenanjung, Sabah and Sarawak – joining forces under one unifying flag.